Our Comedic Lineup

Definitely some of the best comedians in the country. Yeah, definitely.


With a resume that spans from starring in Godzilla and performing stand-up comedy around the country to interpretive dance and driving a mean stick shift, Preston Simpson has certainly made his mark on the comedy scene. He’s been featured on the Late Show with David Letterman, CBS, Fox and As the World Turns.


Tommy Gooch was born in Brooklyn, and was raised and still resides in Staten Island, NY. He has performed on all the major stages in New York City. His ranting self-deprecating, family-oriented style of comedy has traveled & succeeded with audiences for years. Tommy’s natural, lovable off the cuff comedy always makes him a favorite for a feature act and headliner. Tommy’s specialization in audience interaction, makes him a popular emcee and host.


Hi, I’m Dan and I’m currently writing my bio. Many comedians do not admit to writing there own bio’s. They just write it as if someone else wrote it so that they can have a chance to refer to themselves in the 3rd person. I started doing standup in late 2004 when I was a freshman in College. I don’t remember the exact date I only remember that the Patriots lost to the Bengals that day. For the next couple of years I did shows around Boston. Then in 2006 I won Boston Comedy Festival. Then I dropped out of school the next day. I remember I had some crap paper due. I went up to the professor and said “hey I won a comedy festival over the weekend and I’ve been drunk for about three days.” There may be some college students reading this. If you ever need an extension give that excuse a shot. After that I’ve appeared on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, The BBC, and the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival.


Mike Whitman, whose innovative material and style made him the hit and semi-finalist in the prestigious Boston Comedy Festival, has become one of Boston and Cape Cod’s best comedians. He is quickly becoming one of the country’s most versatile and entertaining comics working today, performing at colleges and top venues around the Nation. Favorite song: “Kiss from a Rose” as performed by Seal on the Batman Forever Soundtrack.


Comedian and mom JANE CONDON lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, but she’s still a nice person. She has two boys, otherwise everything’s fine. Since she’s from a blue-collar town in Massachusetts, she likes to make fun of Greenwich. She loves to tell stories about her adventures (mostly survival tales) with her boys.

Condon was named one of 10 Comedy Best Bets in Back Stage’s annual comedy issue (2001). She has appeared on ABC-TV’s “The View” and Lifetime TV’s “Girls’ Night Out” and FOX-TV’s series finale of “24.” She won the Ladies of Laughter Contest in 2004, as well as an Audience Favorite (NY) on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” Most recently, Jane appeared on the Today Show and taped an upcoming episode of Nick Mom’s Night Out.


Mo is one of the smartest, most fearlessly funny comics working today. Her exceptional wit and honest rants on life’s absurdities make her a comedy standout at clubs, theaters, and festivals across the U.S, Canada, and Europe. She was named one of the “Ten Standout Stand-Ups Worth Watching” by Backstage Magazine.Whether Maureen is lambasting celebrities, satirizing news, or joking about her father, a garbageman, and her mother, a blessed Irish immigrant, she will make you laugh. And she will make you think. Her skills as a comic make her a popular contributor on the talk show circuit, including HLN, CBS, FOX and MSNBC.